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AIH’s state-of-art facial recognition engine for senior wandering prevention

Elder care faces many challenges

  • Limited autonomy from cognitive impairment
  • Physically vulnerable due to various health issues
  • Limited resources for monitoring and control

Safer, unnoticeably

Solution for Senior Facilities


Wandering Prevention

•Face Door lock

•Real-Time Wandering Monitoring

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Staff Management

•Check-in system


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Growing problem

Senior Wandering

Real Time Tracking and Historical Video Analysis

AI Computer Vision:
Facial Recognition Wandering Prevention System

① Real-time video stream from existing CCTV

② Faces detected and compared with database

③ Real time alarm goes off the moment an elder wanders off

④ Staff/nurses
quickly respond

Staff Management

  • The offices or various facilities can adopt facial recognition access control or facial recognition lock, and access to the central LAN.
  • For internal personnel management, employees can register their faces and be assigned accessible area according to the management policy. Employees can enter their designated areas simply by showing up.
  • Facial recognition access control would record every time someone enters any area with a camera. The data can be uploaded to the database in real time and used in internal management.


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